Our Services

Product Advice

We offer sales support to find efficient, cost-effective solutions on all products we have on offer.

Our Technical support will readily advise on structural design, alternative design requirements to adapt to soil properties or limitations presented by access or existing surroundings and more.

Sales & Estimation

Our Sales professionals have a vast knowledge of current industry trends, products and compliance requirements.

Contact the representative in your area to estimate your BOQ and deliver the best solution for your project needs.

Design & Manufacture

Meticulous design processes are applied with every new product we introduce.

Our engineering department continuously develops and enhances our software programs to enable optimal design output for the current markets and materials available in the industry.

The factory is equipped with high-tech machinery, has proficient production & delivery systems in place and the capacity to manufacture 24hours per day.

Structural Analysis

We offer the additional engineering service to analyse the structural integrity and stability of existing structures to determine their loading capacity.

Contact Technical support for more information.

Structural Maintenance

As prescribed by the National Buildings act & Regulations, the property owner of buildings and structures, including steel structures, is obliged to maintain such a structure in a safe and functional condition. Annual inspection thereof is advised.

You may contact our Technical Support for more information on your routine maintenance requirements.

Technical Support

If you have questions pertaining to design requirements, site limitations or would like to confirm the status of your design request, kindly contact our Technical Support.

Delivery, Assembly & Erection

We deliver and erect masts and towers locally and abroad. Our brand is best-known on the African continent while our products are exported far afield.

Complete, safe and approved erection methods for products to be installed by contractors can also be supplied.

Earthworks & Civil Construction

We provide complete turn-key solutions that include the design, installation and certification for both in-situ and precast footings/ foundation structures on all of our mast products.  In-situ inspection services are also available when construction are undertaken by your appointed contractor, to ensure compliance of construction.

Quality Assurance

Being perceived as the leading manufacturer of steel masts & towers, not only based on the volume of products we produce, but also the quality of product we present, we appraise the quality of our workmanship to the highest standards.

Sectional Poles is ISO 9001:2015 accredited and complies to SANS 1431.


Sectional Poles were established in 1966, primarily manufacturing lighting structures.

When the design and manufacture for telecommunication masts became prevalent in the mid-80’s, we readily supplied the industry. We have certainly seen this industry change and expand over the past 50 years. The relationships we have built with our clients, contractors and the community, have been the biggest contributor to the success we have achieved in the past and continue to pursue to this day.

Our clients are familiar with the impeccable quality of our product and values the superior service they have come to expect from our employees.


We are extremely proud of the business relationships we have built in neighbouring countries.  We have supplied hundreds of lighting structures and telecommunication masts to more than 18 different countries and continue to build our brand presence in the international market.